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Senhaix N60 Android 


 Alps Network Hand Held F-40 

Our Network

About Our Network


Our Network Is Setup Through Zello



Ability to add new radio locales to the system, by just adding one Gateway!

With this type of system, you can add a whole new area to the infrastructure by just adding another gateway station at the desired location, bringing new coverage to radio users and internet users across the entire system!

Legal to set up on GMRS and most European equivalent services


Believe it or not, under the current FCC rules linking GMRS radio sites is allowed! 

As long as the public telephone network is not used. I think this mostly refers to not auto patching repeaters to  be able to make phone calls over the radio. So yeah, radio over IP is allowed on GMRS in the States.


The network is now working.

To use the network you can download Zello on your cell phone, ipad, iphone or PC with windows xp to windows 8. It will Not work with windows 10 it makes it crash.






Using Your Phone On Zello

Use your phone when your out of range of the repeater, if you don't have a radio or out of state you can still use your phone to communicate.When singing up for Zello use your call sign and first name.This way when you sign into the network we will know who is on the channel. A GMRS license is required to talk on our network. 

1. Download Zello

2. Find where you add a channel.

3. Type in West Valley Network just as you see it here. Add it to your channel list and log in. Use the form on this website to contact me to ask for access to the channel. It should be working with a round circle and a mic in the middle. Press the mic to talk. Talk to you soon. 

The Gateway is on the West Valley Network. This is the network for the Salt Lake Valley.

When you add the channel on zello ( West Valley Network ). Once you come on the channel you will have to be  trusted in. You will be able to talk to Moderators only until you are trusted in . 

WARNING: Windows 10

Disclaimer: There is a known issue with the : "PC client" and Windows 10!!! There is a software incompatibility, if you download Zello and do a Virus check or uninstall the program, Windows thinks it is a malware (it is absolutely not) Windows will crash and go to blue screen of death! I will not be held responsible if your system crashes. If you run Win 10 on your comp, then put it on your phone or tablet. It is better there anyway. You have been warned!

On 7, XP and 8 you have nothing to worry about. Thank you for your attention.

About The Network Radio Pictures At The Top Of The Page

The TM-8 has pure Android of Inrico new model. Beware of competition who sells firmware versions that will not allow to install apps from the PlayStore.

The Inrico TM-8 the f-40 network phone & the N-60 are the upgrade mobile network POC Radio's. There great for Zello, Team Speak 3 / IRN and Echolink via 3G or WiFi
Are you looking for two way radios? You just found the best radio shop!
What if you could have a walkie talkie app on your phone? Let us introduce you the best walkie talkie app ever made: Zello is walkie talkie app for android, iphone, IOS and there is also zello for PC.

This radio-like smartphone has a PTT that will key up the transmitter. As far as you have a data plan or a WiFi connection, then you have yourself a two way walkie talkie app with worldwide range.

First, download the Zello app. Then, just press your zello PTT button and you will be heard!

You can have 1-to-1 private communications, or 1-to-many communications on a private zello channel. There are also many public zello channels, with different purposes, around the world.

Some ham radio RF networks are connected to Zello private channels. With such, if you are a licensed ham, then you can stay online with zello and have QSO’s with your ham friends. There are many zellos worldwide. Would you like to become one?

Welcome to the Zello PTT walkie talkie world!
Intelligent GSM intercom + stereo speakers

You can buy this radio at Hi Radio. Click On Link below. A GMRS license is required.

Inrico M-8 Network Radio


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Please use the contact form below on this website to send me a message that you would like to join the group.


Download Zello!! 

Zello is what makes GMRS what it is today so don't delay!

A GMRS License Is Required!


The Salt Lake Valley

If you wan't your GMRS radio to reach out further add your repeater and network to a zello channel. 

Our Repeater 

Why Do You Need A GMRS License For This Zello Channel

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West Valley Network




Zastone d9000 Repeater

Simplex & Duplex

Must be used with duplexer

Or two antenna's 


Salt Lake City

Looking East


Vietnam Veterans Day

  • The Vietnam War Veterans Day Act permanently designates March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

  • On March 29, 1973, the last combat troops were ordered out of Vietnam.

  • While many troops remained behind before the fall of Saigon – March 29 holds great meaning for many Vietnam War Veterans.

  • In addition, this includes March 29th as a day “the flag should be displayed.”


Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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