Effective September 30, 2019, it becomes unlawful in the USA to import, manufacture, sell or offer to sell radio equipment capable of operating under both GMRS and FRS. 47 CFR § 95.1792 
RULE BY FCC 8/29/2017

Baofeng UV-5R Radios Illegal? The Real Story - Ham Radio Q&A


Part 95 rules cover the Family Radio Service (FRS), the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS), the Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRSbut usually just called CB), Radio Control Radio Services (used for model aircraft etc.) and several other radio services.


There are two types of ‘license’ to use radio frequencies; one is a license specific to the radio service and the other is ‘license-by-rule.’ A license is specific to the radio service, i.e., if you have an Amateur Radio (ham) license it does not give you permission to operate in any other non-ham frequencies.  Within Part 95 the FRS, MURS and CB are ‘license-by-rule’s you do not need a license to operation on those frequencies.  GMRS requires a license; this is a simple application, $70 fee and is valid for 10 years (was 5 years prior to the rule changes) for yourself and immediate family.  Immediate family members are the licensee’s spouse, children, grandchildren, stepchildren, parents, grandparents, stepparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and in-laws(as defined in 95.1705 (c).  The defining of who is an ‘immediate family member’ was an addition in the 2017 rule changes.


GMRS Rules Have Been Amended

Effective 2/16/99 the GMRS rules have been amended and you may operate on any of the primary or interstitial channels shown in section 95.29. Exception: Licensees who operate North of Line A and East of Line C may not operate on channels 462.650 MHZ, 467.650 MHZ, 462.700 MHZ and 467.700 MHZ unless your previous license authorized such operations. 

Georgia Radio Amateur Fined $1000 for Failure to Properly Identify

“Failure to transmit call sign information undermines the purpose of the Amateur Radio Service by preventing licensed users from identifying a transmission’s source,” the FCC Enforcement Bureau Forfeiture Order said. The FCC said Tolassi did not deny that he transmitted on 14.313 MHz on the date in question, but argued that his comments were within the 10-minute window mandated by the rules. The FCC disagreed, however, noting that Tolassi never identified during 15 minutes of transmissions that agents had monitored.

Our GMRS Channel

A group of radio enthusiasts have combined effort to remote control their radio repeater systems through the Zello Application. Zello is a RoIP (Radio Over IP) communication network, that basically emulates Push-to-Talk Walkie Talkies over cell phone networks (like the old Nextel Cell phones use to have). By connecting the GMRS Repeaters to the Zello platform, anyone talking on the linked GMRS Repeaters will be heard over the GMRS Radios in that area. Cell phone, tablet, and PC users, worldwide, with the Zello App you can also talk on theZello Channel and be heard by radios in the local area of the repeaters.When Talking on the network channel you have to identify your station every 15 Minets.


TALK: Radio to Radio, Zello to Radio, Radio to Zello, TO ANYONE ON THE NETWORKED CHANNELS.






WQVJ267 Clark

Simplex Network KeasbeyNJ700 Repeater

Keasbey, New Jersey

Darrin WRCU244




Simplex Taylorsville GMRS Network Repeater

Taylorsville, Utah

Steven WRCV746

 Simplex Network Repeater

Moberly, Missouri

Robert WQWI867

Simplex Hurricane 550

Hurricane, Utah

Mike WRBN957

RF-Link West UHF Repeater

Santa Clara, Utah

Martin WQXC747

WQXC747 Central, Utah Repeater

Saint George, Utah

Martin WQXC747

Quail Lake Gate Simplex Repeater

Hurricane, Utah

Thomas WRFB720

Seven Wonders Repeater

Flagstaff, Airazona

Kendell WRCU835


Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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